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 338 ipms??

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PostSubject: 338 ipms??   Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:12 am

Sorry to post in this thread again but i was a little unhappy when i saw this report.

i know it only says 30 in the second part but there is no way 30 could have done that much damage.

Une attaque de missiles (338) de Tatooine-B [1:331:10]de la planete The Land of CHOPPER [1:334:10]

30 missiles Interplanetaire ont ÚtÚ interceptÚs par vos missiles.
Rocket Launcher (- 9000)
Light Laser (- 3000)
Heavy Laser (- 10)
Ion Cannon (- 40)
Plasma Turret (- 20)

How did he get 338 ipms?? that would require a missile silo at lvl 68. also afterwards i had -10 ipms and 5 abms.
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338 ipms??
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