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 ASC options ...

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PostSubject: ASC options ...   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:40 pm

i know i have posted several bugs.. but i want you to know this is in no means a complaint.. i understand the frustration of trying to work out bugs, these are just to make you aware of them so you may fix them in a timely fashion ...

Well as some might be aware the ASC option does not work... i was told to try the Alliance Depot as it could be a reason.. but we tried it on a test... we also tried the old fix for Ogame before they fixed it which was going to your resources tab and click calculate ... but they does not work either...

heres what we did as it will show the lay out of our test...

we built a lvl 2 alliance depot..
launched 1 wave of 1009 Cruisers to planet for 2 hour hold .. flight time 3:28
sent 2 waves of light fighters... flight time 9:11 i believe ,
1st wave 1000 lf
2nd wave 4 min behind first 1667 lf

after going through each wave performing a different test... i recalled fleet .. which was in orbit for about 15 to 18 min ... the hold time seemed to be added to the return time of flight i noticed after recalling fleet it was about 8 min out .. as i did not look right after i recalled them so several min had pass since i noticed... which would correspond with flight time and total time held for asc ... will re do some more test to confirm ...
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ASC options ...
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