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 Back Fleet bug

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PostSubject: Back Fleet bug   Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:42 pm

I had attacked another player and when i started farming his res went into the negative and i started to get back fleet messages. this also happened during the recycling of DF.

"Combat Report [1:325:12]

Attacker loss: 0 Defender Loss:244000
Gains metal:2343333 crystal:-163366 deuterium:-822210
Debris field metal:0 crystal:66000

2008-12-21 01:23:58 Space Control Back fleet
Your fleet arrived at the planet [1:312:5]. and delivered its goods: 353.000 Metal , 237.200 Crystal , 0 Deuterium.
2008-12-21 01:23:53 Fleet command Espionage Report

Resources on Vector [1:325:12] le 21-12-2008 01:23:54
Metal 23.196.566 Crystal -348.568
Deuterium -1.657.393 Energy 28.317
Solar Satellite 110
Ion Cannon 3"
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Back Fleet bug
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