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 JCont here!

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PostSubject: JCont here!   Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:09 pm

hey everyone! Well I'm JCont or Jose... dont matter.

Well I started Space Warz a couple months ago.. but I had a major problem. So I was forced to put it down. I'm trying to get it back up now! I love doing this... its fun for me. I enjoy life.. so im not on comp 24/7 but im on enough. I try to get in touch with everyone! so if you dont have my msn add me!

I've also started another website... go check that out... its awsome.. Almost done with it.
Hit me up if you hvae questions.


Alliance e.A [Elite Assassins]
Uni. 1
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Quote :
(11:10:46 AM) Grimlock: jcont is gonna look at the coding to make it ACS:)
(11:11:05 AM) Redsplinter: I would give my left nut for it to be acs
(11:11:17 AM) Redsplinter: almost quit when I reaqlized it wasn't
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JCont here!
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